Hi! I’m currently an undergraduate researcher in the Heemstra lab at Emory University, and I’m an incoming chemistry PhD student at the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

You’ve found yourself on my personal website — I don’t have much to show, but feel free to peruse various links related to me! Follow me on twitter for occasional windows into my daily existence. 

Harris Neck NWR Field Guide Project


New Media Writing, Fall 2017

Honors Thesis – Synthesis of a Click-Compatible Phenylacrylamide to Probe A-to-I RNA Editing

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@ashleyn1cole @TheRaDR Here's a great resource for interrupting racist conversations. From Carmen Xiomara Urbina (Deputy Director of the Oregon Dept of Ed) at a talk she gave in 2018. https://t.co/s9wjPJPHKi kornmeg photo

There needs to be further action on this case. Linked here ( https://t.co/7teAW6JXKW) is a petition that automatically emails local authorities to call for charging these officers with murder. https://t.co/JtAwZuChKg

Somber news for the #NOBCChE community. 2 days before George Floyd’s death, Maurice Gordon, chemistry major at Dutchess Community College, was shot and killed on the side of the Garden State Parkway during what is reported to be a routine traffic stop. https://t.co/VJBWXJKsKf